50th Anniversary

CDC 50thGroup.jpg

Group Photo By Todd

50th Anniversary-1
Tanya Brought Balloons
50th Anniversary-5
Before anyone arrived
50th Anniversary-4-2
Setting up
50th Anniversary-6-2
Set Up
50th Anniversary-14-2
Set up
50th Anniversary-10-2
Setting up
50th Anniversary-10
Set up
50th Anniversary-16-2
Still Setting up
50th Anniversary-9
50th Anniversary-1-2
Planting the Club Flag
50th Anniversary-49
The Banner is up
50th Anniversary-2-2
The Totally Narced Electric Eels Setting Up
50th Anniversary-3-2
The Totally Narced Electric Eels Setting Up
50th Anniversary-15-2
The check in crew wants tips???
50th Anniversary-5-2
The welcome committee
50th Anniversary-27
Guests arriving
50th Anniversary-31
Margie & Fay
50th Anniversary-29
Ron & Carmela
50th Anniversary-32
The lobby
The Totally Narced Electric Eels
Barry on bass
Waiting for the food.
Appetizers are served
Not too crowded yet
The lobby at Scotty's
Our Bartenders
The Band
Our President in a pink shirt.....
Chatting and eating
The Smiths
Food & Fun
Putting up the Club Banner
Cindy & Rich
Tanya Looks Happy
Ginny caught in the act
Bob & Janet
Catching up
Smile Captain Don!
The chow line
Dinner time
Dinner time
Dinner time
Dinner Time
Ladies are dancing
The cake
The other cake
Cutting the Cake
After dinner